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Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig

Even little ones can receive benefits from yoga practice. Yoga for kids is a sound way to improve concentration, boost immunity and add strength and flexibility to your child’s health. Yoga can also help teach children invaluable tools for coping with stress throughout their lives. For now maybe they only have to contend with bedtime woes, but later in life, with the help of yoga, they can stay calm, cool, and collected even when ‘adult’ problems abound. Yoga for kids teaches foundational yoga tools including:
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  • Asana (yoga postures – most of which are named after animals so kids can instantly relate and remember specific postures).
  • Breathing exercises, called pranayama, which help kids balance their nervous systems and increase lung capacity. Pranayama practice can help kids calm their minds, boost their immune systems and even increase IQ levels.
  • Have you ever read the poster that says, “Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”? Yoga has a few items to add to that list. Yogic precepts gleaned from the ancient sage Patanjali, offers advice that children can absorb and apply to their every day lives. These include non-covetousness (non-stealing), service to others, and love of self. These basic ethics can be taught through yoga and help to build a well-rounded human being.
  • Body Awareness
  • Mental fortitude and pliancy

When teaching yoga to kids, we can use games to keep their attention and insinuate important yogic principles. Some of the types of games we play include :

Call to Peace.

Kids don’t always want to stay seated on their yoga mats. They have lots of energy! We play this game throughout class when we need to have a calm, quiet moment. At the start of the class, we tell everyone that whenever they hear a bell ring, it is a ‘call to peace.’ They have to quickly come and sit in an easy pose on their yoga mats. This develops listening skills, and teaches them that the still, small voice within them can guide them back to their practice.

Light as a feather

This is one of a game we use to teach breathing or pranayama to children. They lie on their backs and either using an imaginary feather or a real one, they try to blow the feather as high into the sky as they can, increasing lung capacity and teaching them how to breath ‘like a yogi.’

Animal Pose Red Light Green Light.

At the head of the class a student acts as a ‘traffic cop’ and calls out ‘red light’ and ‘green light.’ The rest of the class is in a line at the back of the room. When the student at the head of the class says ‘green light’ they all have to run / walk / skip as fast as they can towards the front of the room. When the student at the head of the class says ‘yellow light,’ everyone slows down and start to get into the pose. Student at the head of the class slowly counts to 5 giving oppurtunity to others to get into a pose and says ‘red light,’ they have to pause right where they are, frozen in a yoga pose that resembles an animal, like downward dog, or camel pose. Student turns around to spot anybody moving dlouhy garage door repair. AnybodyWhoever gets to the front of the class first becomes the new traffic cop.

Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig

There are lots of fun ways to teach yoga, that help children stay engaged in the activity and make use of their natural eagerness to learn and unbounded energy. The skills they learn in yoga class will serve them now and for the rest of their lives. Hop over to this site to know more.

Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig
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