RCY Level 1-3

30-hour training All Levels

Radiant Child® Yoga (RCY) 1-3 is an innovative 30-hour training program designed for everyone interested in teaching yoga to children of all ages. One of the first child yoga training programs worldwide, and developed by pioneer, Lana Reed (aka Shakta Khalsa), it provides enlightening results for ALL children, including those with ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism, and those who are Differently-Abled

20-hour training All Levels

Participants will learn how to effectively integrate yoga into home and school life, including therapeutic treatment for children with learning and developmental differences such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, etc. Social-emotional, physiological, cognitive and sensory-motor benefits will be addressed.

Happily Ever Now

20-hour training All Levels

Navigate into mindfulness using tools that can change your life—simple ways to change your attitude and outlook, and effective ways to work with core stressors and patterns.

This course teaches you how your mind and emotions work together, and how to navigate in inner spaces. You will learn how to translate what you are learning for yourself into appropriate practices for children of all ages and abilities.

Asana from the Inside Out

10-hour training All Levels

A fascinating approach to exploring foundation yoga postures (asana) and how to use them effectively for yourself and others.

Learn the simple core principles that apply to all postures and experience the unique energetic quality of each posture. Get familiar with the anatomy of the movements that make up each posture. Modify postures and use props for different abilities. Use verbal queuing and adjustment effectively and respectfully

Boost the Brain with Yoga and Breath

6-hour training All Levels

Get ready to make your brain more fit by learning simple yoga movements coordinated with breath. Perfect for parents and educators who want to help children with learning readiness while boosting their own brain power!

Baby, Toddler, Family Yoga

6-hour training All Levels

Create engaging and fun family yoga classes for children of all ages from babies to teens and their parents. Whether it’s parent-child classes or classes with mixed ages, you’ll gain skills that will give you the confidence to shine!

Teaching Teen/Preteen Yoga

6-hour training All Levels

Go inside the minds and hearts of teens and preteens with curiosity, and learn yoga and mindfulness tools to help them through some of their biggest challenges in this important life phase.

From Chaos to Calm: Classroom Yoga

6-hour training All Levels

In this workshop, you will learn: How to implement yoga and mindfulness for self-regulation, creating a positive learning environment. Learn about mind-body connection and how stress and anxiety affect learning and behavior.
How to use tried and true resources to create dynamic lesson plans on the mat and at the desk.Identify and address sensory needs in students.
To teach children and classroom staff how to implement breath, movement and mindfulness tools that quickly refocus the class and reduce stress.

Chair Yoga

5-hour training All Levels

Learn to offer a complete yoga class in a chair – Ideal for seniors and people unable to participate in a standard yoga class due to mobility or other physical limitations.

Authentic Communication

7-hour training All Levels

When it comes to listening, we tend to be like jumping frogs—excited when we hear something we like, upset when it’s not to our liking, and distracted by our own inner reaction so we don’t continue to listen.

Your Yoga Business

5-hour training All Levels

Explore the ins & outs of owning a yoga studio or bringing yoga to schools. Learn tips for approaching clients and the basics of building your teaching team. Build fundamental knowledge of financial management and formulate a preliminary layout for your business website.