Setting Positive Intentions for You and Your Child

mayjpegPositive intentions are statements that you make about the type of day you would like to have. For example, “I will have a joy-filled day” or “I will experience peace in my day.” There are many benefits to setting positive intentions. Just a few of them are increased motivation, optimism, and self-esteem. It allows us to live more fully in the present moment and to actively merge our core values with our external world. It also helps us to be less reactionary, if a problem does arise. We can focus on the desired outcome of our day and aim for it.

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Children can benefit from setting positive intentions, as well. They will probably need some guidance at the beginning in knowing how to set intentions. First, sit down with them and ask what they would like to experience today. It might be helpful to give them a short list of ideas, such as love, peace, fun, or success. Once they’ve chosen something, encourage them to come up with concrete ways that they experience that in their day. For example, if your daughter chose success, she might say that she could have success by doing well on her math test. Or, your son might want to experience fun by getting to play kickball at recess. Find more here about relationship withdrawal.

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Now, ask them to visualize that happening. Encourage your daughter to see herself looking at the blank test and realizing she knows all the answers. Have her imagine herself writing down all the right answers and finishing the test early. Your son might visualize himself doing all his schoolwork, behaving in class, and being nice to his friends, so that he will be able to play kickball. As they go throughout their day, encourage your children to continue thinking about their intentions, to focus on how they want their day to go.
Positive intentions can become a habit if done consistently. Try creating a time in the morning it with the landscape design sd when your family can talk together for a few minutes and set some intentions for the day. You could try setting intentions at breakfast, while in the car heading to school, or while waiting for the bus. It doesn’t need to take very long but creating a consistent routine can help your child experience a day that runs more smoothly.

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