Quick & Easy Ways to Bring the Benefits of Yoga into Your Home

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288x162-momtoddleryoga-tsIf you’ve watched your child in one of our classes, taken part in a class yourself, you know that yoga is just plain good for your head, and for your body. In our classes and here on our website, we try to show the benefits of yoga in broad terms and in detail, because we sincerely believe that yoga is an excellent path to the health and peace of children, young and old, as well as to the world as a whole.
That’s why there is no reason not to practice yoga at home as well. Classes are instrumental for learning how to position our bodies properly in each pose, how to breathe effectively, and how to pace your routine. But once you have a good understanding of these ideas and methods, it’s not only OK to practice yoga on your own, but it multiplies the benefits exponentially.
So bring yoga home! The easiest way to encourage your kids to practice at home is to set an example by doing it yourself. When they see you taking a small amount of time out of your busy day for yourself, they will often try it out themselves or even (gasp!) join in with you!

  • Do easy poses. Child’s pose, Corpse pose, Cat and Cow poses are all easy for almost anyone to do without risk of injury. We’ve listed many other poses here (insert link) that are excellent for at-home use. Never force a position or ask your child to. Yoga poses should feel like slight stretches – never strains.
  • Remember to breathe! This is the instruction that most yoga teachers find themselves repeating almost continually during classes, because many students forget! If you have to, write “BREATHE” in big letters on a big piece of paper and tape it prominently where you will be practicing your yoga as a reminder. Deep, effective breathing is THE crucial element to yoga success, so remind yourself in this way if you have to (and most people have to!).
  • Do “short” sessions if you don’t have much time. Fifteen – or even five – minutes is all it takes to get started! And if you can’t even do 5 minutes, then take one minute per day (one minute!) to simply practice deep, slow breaths. The same way that starting an exercise program usually begins with one short 5-minute daily walk, so should your yoga routine start small. If you put too much on your plate, you won’t do it more than a few times. Start small, and stay small if you have to, in order to stick with it.
  • Choose a time that works for each day and try to stick with it by putting it on the family calendar. Even if you’re the one who says “OK it’s time for yoga” for the first few weeks, you’ll find that your child will start to remind you when it has become a regularly scheduled activity “on the books”, especially if it is at the same time every day.
  • Take advantage of the many family yoga products that are available. Videos, DVDs, books and CDs at your local electronics and book store, or online. The Yoga Kids now is offering a wonderful collection of yoga products like CD now too, called “Relax” available here. Now doesn’t that sound nice

If yoga becomes even a small part of your day at home, or even only a couple of times per week, it will become a natural part of your child’s day too. And that’s good for everyone.

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