Product Description

Caterpillar Yoga Hat

Caterpillar Yoga Hat



Warm up in style with adorable animal-inspired hats…and play yoga with your animal characters!

Keep warm over the winter months with help from the cutest wool hats around! A Fair Trade product that also happens to be water resistant is perfect for the kid in all of us. These hand-crafted hats come in four unique characters: Caterpillar, Lion, Dog, and Alien.
Yoga teachers, parents, and children can let their imagination lead them into tons of creative yoga stories with our Yoga Animal Hat characters.

New! Buy two or more Yoga Animal Hats and get a FREE yoga story about your animals! Download Dotty’s Space Adventure Yoga story featuring Dalmation Dog and Alien hats….and you can substitute or add whichever Yoga Animal Hat characters you’d like!


Adults and youth age 5 and over.

For Kids Sizes:

Kids ages 1 to 5: Order the Lion or Caterpillar

Place your order online in a snap and have the extra-adorable outerwear
shipped right to your door.

Made with 100% New Zealand wool.
Fair Trade Product, made without use of sweatshops.
Fleeced-lined interior provides warmth and comfort.
Water-resistant and naturally self-cleaning.
Makes a great gift.