Positive Affirmations for You and Your Child

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positive affirmationsI am lazy. I am stupid. I am worthless. I am terrible at … (fill in the blank).
When something goes wrong, do you talk to yourself like this? As parents, our lives are very busy. Between work, household chores, and caring for our children, we often get sucked into the whirlwind of life. When a problem arises, and it inevitably will, it’s so easy to beat ourselves up with negative thoughts and words. It’s so common that we often don’t even realize we’re doing it.
I am lazy. I am stupid. I am worthless. I am terrible at … (fill in the blank).
Now, have you ever heard your child say these things to herself?
As you know, children are always watching and learning from our behavior. They mimic our actions, whether we like it or not, and a child who watches a parent berate herself may then begin to do the same. As parents, we all want to raise self-confident children who love themselves for who they are. We don’t want to teach them negative thought patterns and yet, we often do it without even realizing it.
We can fix this, but first we must focus on banishing our own negative thinking. A great way to do this is to use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are short, specific statements that train our brain to focus on the positive aspects of our personality. To create a positive affirmation, first think about what you’ve been saying to yourself that you’d like to change. For instance, do you often feel guilty for being grumpy with your children? Whatever the issue, you can create a positive statement to combat the negative thought.

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The positive statement should be specific, personal, and realistic. If you write, “I am always patient with myself and my children,” your mind will likely reject it. It is unlikely that anyone can always be patient in every circumstance. So, try something more realistic, such as “I practice patience with myself and my children.”
Initially, your mind may still want to revert back to the negative statements, because they are easier for us to believe. In order to overcome these harmful thoughts, say your positive affirmations daily. Repeat them until they become part of your everyday thoughts.
Another way to practice positive affirmations is to write or record them. Write them on sticky notes around the house or on a memo on your computer or mobile device ilimoww. Try recording the affirmation with your mobile device and playing it back throughout the day. Hearing the affirmation spoken and seeing it written are powerful ways to help the words work their way past the negative self-talk.

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By focusing on your own thought patterns and creating positive affirmations to replace the negative thoughts, you will be helping yourself and your children. Tell them what you are doing and encourage them to do the same. Help them come up with positive affirmations that will delete their own negative thoughts. By helping yourself, you can help your children.