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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain.

– Vivian Greene
A Boy and His Journal
Children are more giving, and more forgiving, when they write in a journal. Journaling allows kids to more readily accept themselves for who they are, which in turn allows them to understand and accept others in the same way.
If you’ve ever journaled, then you already know what a wonderfully cleansing practice it can be for your mind, your heart, and your soul. Journaling engenders the clarity needed for self-reflection. Somehow, as they move from the mind to the hand to the pen and onto the paper, ou r thoughts and emotions, encounters and accidents can now been seen in a new and larger perspective.
I started journaling four years ago, and I have found that the act of writing my thoughts – organized or not, sensical or not – helps me to overcome certain fears. I am in a happier state of mind when I journal. Like my students, I find myself acknowledging and respecting my limitations. Sometimes it even helps me to get the courage to try something a little scary and new. Read more
10 Easy Ways to Reduce Holiday Vacation Screen Time
If you’re over 25, you may recall an astonishing era in history when children spent their vacations quite happily with no electronic screens at all. No iPods, ePads, iPhones, eScreens, VTechs, Leapsters, Kindles, Xboxes, Playstations, PS3s, or Wiis.

No texting, Netflix, computer games, 24/7 mind-numbing cartoon channels, or unlimited DVD libraries either.

And somehow, incredibly, we all survived. You might even say that our brains and bodies developed quite nicely despite the lack of continual flashing, shouting, drum beating and explosions.

In 1998 – only 14 years ago – the majority of homes in North America had NO computer, NO internet, NO pager, and NOT EVEN ONE cell phone.. It’s hard to believe today, but since the dawn of time, children have grown up remarkably happy and often quite well-educated without any electronic screens or communication devices. Read more
Pose of the Month: Child's Pose
Sit on your knees with your hands out in front of you on the floor.
Straighten your legs and place your heels on the floor.
Stretch your arms out straight. You look like an inverted V.

Hold this pose for 5 – 10 seconds before lowering to your knees. Repeat 5 times.

• Gets the blood flowing

• Strengthens your upper body

• Strengthens your bones

• Relieves back pain

• Lengthens your spine

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