TheYoga Kids MascotMeet Shambu: Your Happy, Dependable Friend.

Shambu The Elephant: Our Mascot

Have you ever wondered why our Yoga Kids mascot is Shambu, the elephant? The main reason is simply that we really like elephants! Actually, there are a few more reasons we’ve chosen an elephant to represent us.

We do a lot of spine flexibility stretches and movements at theYoga Kids, because your spine is a very important part of your body. It carries messages to and from your brain to the different parts of your body. Like an elephant’s trunk, your spine is healthy when it is flexible and long, and like a hose, you need to keep it clear of bends and blockages so that your internal messages can flow easily. As long as you can keep your spine healthy, you can process information efficiently, and stay sharp and youthful. That’s the first reason we like Shambu the Elephant for our mascot, but here is some more on yoga’s tradition with elephants:

Scientists say that elephants have excellent memories. Some reports have shown that an elephant acts as if he remembers another elephant that he has not seen for years and years. So many people think that elephants are wise and can be used as a symbol for education and knowledge. At the Yoga Kids, we think that those traits are very good, and very valuable in life.

You can’t see them with your eyes, but yoga tradition “sees” seven different spots that run from our head down along our spine, called “chakras”. One of those chakras, the muladhara chakra, stands for our life force, energy, upward movement, and growth. And the animal chosen to represent the muladhara chakra is…. (Drum roll)… the Elephant!

There is even a story character that is an elephant who rides a mouse! He is a big loveable giant but by riding the mouse he is showing us all that everything is possible in life! Even though he is bigger and stronger than all the other animals, he is loveable, forgiving, kind and gentle.

Have you ever seen an elephant with seven trunks? Neither have I. But you might see a picture of an elephant with seven trunks, and the trunks represent the treasures of the Earth. You can also think of that as the food we eat and the different ways we get energy.

So we like to use Shambu as our mascot because he removes obstacles in his way, his big ears like to learn and listen all the time, he has lots of energy in his mind and body. He is confident AND humble enough to ride a tiny little mouse!

Shambu is a happy, dependable friend. He lets his inner beauty shine through, and he knows that anyone of any size or age can practice yoga. We are all different in many ways, but we can all be happy and safe doing yoga poses.