The Yoga Kids March 2013
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Positive Affirmations for You and Your Child
No matter how fidgety my students may be during yoga classes, they take the relaxation portion of each class very seriously – and the fidgeting stops for a few minutes. This segment of the class happens after we’ve first done our breathing exercises and our yoga set of poses. We’ve had a lot of fun, and the kids are ready to wind down. I usually play some soft music and ask them to think about certain images while they lie on their mats. This is a form of “guided imagery”.
Guided imagery can be used anytime healing is desired, whether it’s physical healing or mental. Our imaginations are powerhouses of healing when we allow them to place us in situations that we may be afraid of in “real life”, or when we imagine ourselves doing things we don’t really think we can do. You can use guided imagery to improve your confidence in public speaking situations, taking an important test, with general shyness, or any other situation. Even the medical profession uses guided imagery to assist in healing, and there is evidence that guided imagery can improve the condition of cancer patients.
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Pose of the Month: Salabhasana (Locust Pose)  Benefits:
• Strengthens and tones the
muscles in the back of your body, from your back down to your ankles
• Stretches your shoulders, chest, stomach and legs
• Relieves stress and depression
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Positive Affirmations I practice patience with myself and my children
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