Guided Imagery Can Help Kids “Let it Go”

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Guided ImageryNo matter how fidgety my students may be during yoga classes, they take the relaxation portion of each class very seriously – and the fidgeting stops for a few minutes.  This segment of the class happens after we’ve first done our breathing exercises and our yoga set of poses.  We’ve had a lot of fun, and the kids are ready to wind down.  I usually play some soft music and ask them to think about certain images while they lie on their mats.  This is a form of “guided imagery”.

Guided imagery can be used anytime healing is desired, whether it’s physical healing or mental.  Our imaginations are powerhouses of healing when we allow them to place us in situations that we may be afraid of in “real life”, or when we imagine ourselves doing things we don’t really think we can do.  You can use guided imagery to improve your confidence in public speaking situations, taking an important test, with general shyness, or any other situation.  Even the medical profession uses guided imagery to assist in healing, and there is evidence that guided imagery can improve the condition of cancer patients.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

I often feel that, through our child-appropriate guided imagery, many of my students are able to release some of the stress they are experiencing over problems they are dealing with at school, at home, or elsewhere.  Some of them have even told me that it helps them deal with something that happened in their lives months before.  What this says to me is that our children sometimes don’t know how to deal emotionally with certain things that happen, and their feelings can get buried until they find a way to release it.
I don’t ask my students what’s bothering them, and they don’t usually feel the need to tell me either.  But it’s clear to me that they benefit from the guided imagery we do, and they enjoy it too.  Everyone needs to internally recognize a feeling before they can release it.  It’s safer to imagine yourself doing something well than to actually go out and do it, especially when you are hesitant to do it or feel that you simply can’t do it.  Guided imagery puts an image in our mind that makes the “doing it in real life” much easier to fathom, and this can help to emotionally cleanse ourselves of little nagging things that continue to bother us.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

In class, I will ask the children to imagine a special place that they would like to be, or I will ask them to draw a picture of that special place.  Then I suggest that they imagine themselves in that special place while they let their fears and worries go.  They picture themselves as free and peaceful in a place where they can be whoever they want to be. Sometimes I will also incorporate a few affirmations like “I am kind. I am peaceful. I am brave.”
After a class I held last week, one of my students came up to me and thanked me for helping her deal with an incident that had been skulking around in her subconscious for months.  She was now able to release it using only the basic guided imagery from the class.

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