Yoga is one of the best ways to encourage inner peace and mindfulness, and it can be learned at a young age. When performing yoga exercises, children can learn to be less stressed and more creative with there times. Since yoga begins with breathing, there are some fun breathing games for kids that can be used to encourage these habits. Try one of these exercises with kids for some basic breathing exercises.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The first exercise is the flower breath. Start by handing out flowers to the kids and then tell them to smell it, by breathing in through their nose and then out through the mouth. Encourage them to release any tension and imagine it going out with their breath. Have them exchange flowers and try again, letting them choose their breathing patterns.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The second exercise is called the hissing breath. Have the kids breath in through their nose, taking a long and deep inhale. Then, have them slowly release the breath through the mouth while making a hissing sound, slowly and long. By extending the exhale, this will allow the kids to gradually slow down their inner speed. By connecting kids to the exhale, they learn to slow down both mentally and physically. They also love making this hissing noise, so don’t be too surprised if they want to repeat this several times!

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You can use this concentrated breath with several fun toys to give them more practice concentrating on their breath. Give them pinwheels and tell them to release the breath through their mouth, directing it in a concentrated stream towards the pinwheel, keeping it spinning slowly. Experiment with other toys such as bubbles, a blow cup with balls, and party favors. These are easy to use in a classroom setting and help to keep the kids concentrated on the activity.

The third exercise is the bear breath. This one is a little more complicated, but a great one to do before naptime, story time, or another creative activity. Have them inhale through their noses then pause before exhaling through the nose. Then, have them breath in for three counts, pause for two counts, and then breath out for three counts again. Pause for two counts and then repeat this several times. This exercise helps to ground kids and is great for a restful, or reflective time. Help them visualize this exercise by imagining a bear hibernating who has to maintain steady breaths, check birthday party packages here.

The fourth exercise is the bunny breath and always a favorite. Have the kids take three quick sniffs through the nose and then one extended exhale out of the nose. Tell them to pretend that they are bunnies, sniffing in the air for bunnies or carrots to eat. This is a breathing activity that is cleansing when used the right way. You can use it also when the kids are a little upset or having trouble finding their breath. It helps the kids connect to their breathing out so that they breath instead of spinning out. Check The Locksmith Boss.

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

These four basic activities are great breathing games for kids. They form the basis of yoga exercises and are a great way to start teaching yoga to young kids. After learning these games, it may be valuable to start working with certain poses and exercises. However, teaching them these basic breathing games is a great way to encourage mindfulness and peacefulness in kids.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training