Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Add a little seasonal variety to your yoga routine this Valentine’s Day for some extra fun
and interest! We love Valentine’s Day at the Yoga Kids because it revolves around love
and hearts and friendship (and yes, sometimes even a little bit of candy)!

Kids love to take part in whatever holiday is being celebrated, especially when they see
it promoted everywhere they look. So it’s natural that the students in my classes really
get involved in the Valentine’s Day yoga poses we do around this time of year.

Try a few of them yourself and get into the spirit of the February season. If you like
them, add to your regular yoga pose mix.

Cupid Pose

Sit with your legs stretched out in a “V” shape. Keeping your back straight, grab
your feet or toes with the same-side hand, bending your knees a little if that’s more

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Keep your left leg in this position while you bend your right knee to bring the right foot
in toward your middle. Hold for a few seconds, and then bring your right leg back to the
“V”. Repeat on the other side.

bowposeBow Pose

Lie down on your front with your arms at your sides. Reach your arms back and bend
your knees up so that you can grab hold of your feet or ankles. Hold this position for a
few seconds while breathing, or have some fun and rock back and forth.

Heart Pose

Stand straight up and tall, arms at your side.
Lift your arms up so that they are pointing out to the sides in a “T” formation.
Now lift them up higher as your elbows bend so that your fingers touch the top of your
If you look in the mirror, you’ll see that you look just like a heart!
Hold your heart position for a few seconds, and then unbend your elbows, stretch your
arms out, and bring them back down to your sides.

Arrow Pose

Stand with your legs spread out a little further than shoulder width. Lift your arms up,
hands together, pointing halfway between the wall and the ceiling.
Now, keeping your legs in the same position, slide both feet so that your toes are
pointing left while you also turn your upper body left with both arms still raised. Now
bend your right elbow as if you are aiming a bow and arrow. Hold for a few seconds and
repeat on the other side.


Kids Yoga Teacher Training

From a seated position, put the soles of your feet together.
Place your hands on your feet, keeping your back straight and tall.
Move your hands under your ankles, and breathe in
Keeping your back straight and knees wide, exhale while you lift your feet up an inch or
more off the floor.
Hold for a few seconds using your tummy muscles and then bring your feet back to the
floor to relax.


Kids Yoga Teacher Training