A child stops to examine a red leaf on the driveway, even while we rush to get him into the car. Then, at the first red light, we realize that taking that minute to examine this leaf would not have made us any earlier or later in our rushed, overscheduled day.
It would have added the simple beauty of sharing something spontaneous and natural with our child — and the priceless gift of discovering together the never-ending splendour of our world.
“Bright colors.” “Cool weather.” “Orange leaves.” “Crunchy walks.” “Hibernation.” “Apples.” “Pumpkins.”
Children perceive autumn in many ways. When we take the time to listen, we find that their observations help us to see the magnificent beauty that we often overlook.
Find opportunities to show your child how his world works and changes, and how he is an integral part of it. But most of all, don’t miss the chance to rediscover the world through his eyes, especially at this spectacular time of year!
When he sees a spider web and wants to show you, go see it. It’s not going to ruin your day if you do – but you could miss out on some really cool stripey web action if you don’t.
Autumn means back-to-school, with tests, sports, activities, busy weekends and a much faster pace than the lazy days of summer. This time of year is tough on our kids, who often don’t have a quiet moment until Thanksgiving break.
Yoga allows children to center, to focus, to calm. It allows them to be fully present in their own lives and to connect with themselves and the world around them.
Be present with your child during the earth’s long, gorgeous transition from summer to winter. Take it in with all five senses. Feel gratitude for the privilege of being part of it. And get out there and crunch some leaves together.