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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Holiday Vacation Screen Time

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If you’re over 25, you may recall an astonishing era in history when children spent their vacations quite happily with no electronic screens at all. No iPods, ePads, iPhones, eScreens, VTechs, Leapsters, Kindles, Xboxes, Playstations, PS3s, or Wiis.

No texting, Netflix, computer games, 24/7 mind-numbing cartoon channels, or unlimited DVD libraries either.
And somehow, […]

A Boy and His Journal

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Children are more giving, and more forgiving, when they write in a journal. Journaling allows kids to more readily accept themselves for who they are, which in turn allows them to understand and accept others in the same way.

If you’ve ever journaled, then you already know what a wonderfully cleansing practice it […]

“When I look at a child, I see a big soul in a small body.”

Become a Yoga Teacher for Kids

“When I look at a child, I see a big soul in a small body.”
– Shakta Khalsa

The title of this week’s blog is a quote from Shakta Khalsa, my mentor and friend, and one of the world’s leading experts in children’s yoga. She is truly a giant in her field […]

Turn On the Water!

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Did you know that by the time your child feels thirsty, she is already mildly dehydrated? Many young children don’t even know how to identify their thirst. A recent study found that as few as 10% of boys and 15% of girls get the recommended daily amount of water!

When kids aren’t properly […]

Yoga and Games

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Even little ones can receive benefits from yoga practice. Yoga for kids is a sound way to improve concentration, boost immunity and add strength and flexibility to your child’s health. Yoga can also help teach children invaluable tools for coping with stress throughout their lives. For now maybe they only have to […]

“But Mom, it’s too cold outside!”

Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig

“But Mom, it’s too cold outside!”
If any month signals the grand entrance of winter in Ontario, it’s November. There’s no denying the chill any more. Fleeces, woolens, and footed PJs are out in regular rotation now, along with sniffling noses, dry coughs, and dry skin.

Many Toronto-area homes also see an increased use […]

Autumn Present

Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig

A child stops to examine a red leaf on the driveway, even while we rush to get him into the car. Then, at the first red light, we realize that taking that minute to examine this leaf would not have made us any earlier or later in our rushed, over scheduled day.
It […]

The Positive Effects of Yoga in Children With ADHD

Children´s Yoga Teacher Trainig

Yoga is not necessarily considered a children’s activity. However, over recent years more and more studios have begun to offer yoga classes specially tailored to younger students. The main reason for this is that yoga is being found to have a very positive influence on children. A number of studies regarding yoga […]

As I Live and Breathe!

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When I was a child in India, my father and I practiced yoga together almost every day. Some days were short sessions to start a busy day of school and appointments. Other days we had long sessions with advanced poses and meditations. But controlled, deep breathing – Pranayama — was central to […]