Meet Jyoti:

The Yoga Kids was founded by Jyoti Bajaj, a yoga and mindfulness instructor who has been practicing since her childhood in India. Jyoti was inspired to train children when she discovered that most academic curricula lacked any programs to improve a child’s resilience and develop the interpersonal skills necessary to survive and thrive in modern times.

Mindfulness training and yoga programs designed to build the whole child are most successful when children are at an early age and most impressionable. Jyoti has found that building healthy and happy communities is a process that happens over time, and planting the seeds in our youth will reap rewards in years to come.


Jyoti’s training includes a 200 hour certification in 2010 at Radiant Child Yoga (where she is now a lead trainer). She has also written several books and presented at many workshops and conferences around the world. The yoga and mindfulness programs she has developed are secular and highly authentic.

The Yoga Kids uses a proprietary curriculum developed over the course of nearly a decade, which includes workbooks, pose cards, journals, affirmation cards, and coloring books. The company has also designed custom programs for diverse groups and led workshops both in the GTA and worldwide, in addition to appearances and conferences across the globe.