Radiant Child Yoga Family 95-Hour Certification (RCFY-95)

Radiant Child Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at the 95 and 200-hour level. Whether or not you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, you may apply to the RCFY-200 hour certification training. RCFY-200 provides space and depth for profound personal transformation. In addition, participants gain yoga skills and tools for working with people of all ages and abilities; from babies through elderly, using Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Yogic Lifestyle teachings.


Step 1: Application

Submit completed application with $40.00 non-refundable application fee. Application can be submitted via e-mail to info@childrensyoga.com.

Section 1: Radiant Child Yoga 1-3

All students are required to have their certificate of completion of the foundational training, RCY 1-3, before entering the certification phase. RCY 1-3 may be taken with either Shakta or one of the certified RCY Facilitators. The 30 course hours of RCY 1-3 never expire, and will always apply as the first 30 hours of the 200-hour RCFY certification training.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Section 2: Modules: 40 Hours

July 13 to 17, 2016: Gore, VA

@The Land Celebration, VA

The two modules are offered back-to-back in the RCY Summer Retreat. They are also offered throughout the year in other locations, and may be taken in any order.

Module 1
Yoga for Children who have ADHD, Autism and Those who are Differently-Abled
20 Hours
For course details, please click here. For upcoming dates, and location please see the schedule.

Module 2
Happily Ever Now
20 hours
For course details, please click here. For upcoming dates, and location please see the schedule.

These two modules complete 40-hours of the RCFY-200 certification.

Section 3: At-Home Mentorship and Exam

Credit Hours: 25

All RCFY students will finish their training with an at-home internship, receiving one-on-one guidance from an experienced Radiant Child Yoga Trainer. The mentorship also includes a take-home exam.

Checklist For Completion:

  • RCY Basic level 1-3 (30 Hours)
  • 105-hour retreat
  • Two 20-Hour Specialty Modules (40 Hours)
  • At-Home Mentorship Program & Exam (25 Hours)
  • Total: 200 Hours

Summary of Tuition for 200 hour RCFY

2 modules + 105-hours + mentorship

Through February 14, 2016


Through April 14, 2016


After April. 14, 2016


*Tuition fee does not include RCY Basic Level 1-3, materials, food, lodging or travel expenses. Deposit of $600 is due upon acceptance into program.

Upon receipt of your completed and signed application/agreement and application fee, a phone interview with the Program Director, Shakta Khalsa, will be scheduled. After the initial interview, you will be notified about the acceptance into the teacher training program. Acceptance into the program is at the discretion of the program director.
Application is valid for year and a half (1.5 years) from the date of signature. If your Application and Agreement expire prior to you attending the RCFY-200 and/or completing the requirements for certification, you will need to submit a new Agreement/Application and pay another application fee.
To reserve your place at the RCFY-200 Teacher Training, deposit of $600 US must be made online at www.childrensyoga.com . Payment details will be discussed by certification coordinator after the acceptance into the training program.
If you wish to cancel your reservation you must notify RCY in writing either by email, fax, or postal service. Once we’ve received your notice, cancellation will take effect subject to the following: if cancellation takes place before early registration deadline specified on the website, any payments made will be refunded minus $200 US administration fee. If cancellation takes place after the above date, you will not receive a refund, and any payments made will be credited towards future RCY training, minus $200 US administration fee.
You must be in good physical and mental health to participate in the Retreat. You are advised to consult with a physician to ensure that you are in adequate health to safely participate in the Retreat and Training. Additionally, RCY and Shakta Khalsa reserve the right in their absolute discretion to refuse a participant the right to participate in the Retreat based on apparent medical or fitness grounds.
Students are encouraged to make it a priority to attend all course sessions in the order that they are presented. However, if a student has to miss a session due to unavoidable circumstances, he or she may make up that session the next time it is offered. There will be a $150 administration fee added to the price of the course. It will be the responsibility of the student to make all efforts to follow through in making up missed classes. No monies will be returned for the incompletion of the program with the unlikely exception of termination of program by trainer.
All RCY Basic courses attended from 2009 onwards, taken with Shakta qualify for 95-hour and 200-hour pre-requisite. If RCY Basic course was attended before 2009, or if the student attended the RCY Basic course with the RCY Facilitator proir to entering the certification program, the student may be required to audit a RCY Basic course with Shakta at no charge (course material fee may apply). Course certificate may be required for proof of attendance.
While Shakta Khalsa and the trainers of Radiant Child Yoga are dedicated to working with and supporting the students, they reserve the right to delay or deny certification to those who exhibit character or behavior that is deemed to be unethical and/or not in alignment with the program.