There’s a multitude of benefits that come from the practice of yoga, especially when it’s started at a young age. As we grow older we tend to “live less” in our bodies. Alongside invariably meaning less flexibility, this habit also cuts us off to a degree from our emotions. It’s always worth remembering that our feelings are embodied, they are part of our physical being.

So starting a practice that reconnects, both physically and emotionally, can have tremendous benefits for children. It also builds a foundation that can be returned to later in life. Check out
Have a look at these eight science-backed benefits for a clearer picture of just what yoga can do for your child.

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8 Scientific Benefits of Yoga

Improves Flexibility. This is one of the most tangible, satisfying effects of yoga. Over the course of a handful of sessions your child will notice that they’ve gone from being unable to touch their toes to being able to twist into all manner of weird and wonderful shapes.

Improves muscle strength. Better muscle strength can help protect against physical problems, like back pain and arthritis, later in life. Also, check out betking

Improves spinal alignment. Our spinal disks thrive on movement. Bending can help keep them healthy, reducing the likelihood of hernias and trapped nerves.

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Improves blood flow. Researchers have found that yoga increases levels of haemoglobin in red blood cells, leading to better oxygenation of muscle and organ tissue.

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Boosts immunity. This is one of the most researched areas of the ancient practice. Many yoga poses improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, responsible for fighting infection, by improving drainage of lymph fluid around the organs.Helps balance adrenal glands. Anxiety is a common, and often misunderstood, problem amongst children. Through lowering cortisol levels, yoga can have a direct and natural anxiety-lowering effect. The calmness that this results in will also help improve concentration. Which leads on to…

Improves concentration. Improvements in concentration don’t only come from a rebalancing of the adrenal glands. Yoga often goes hand in hand with “mindfulness” or “awareness in the present moment.” Numerous studies have linked the practice of mindfulness to increased concentrative abilities.

Improves sleep quality. One of the ways that yoga improves both the immune and nervous systems is through fostering a neurochemical environment conducive to restorative sleep.

Is It Safe?

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It’s understandable to have safety concerns regarding yoga and children. You can rest content in the knowledge that the American Academy of Pediatrics, along with a host of other organizations, has said that yoga is safe for children. Class sizes will be small and there won’t be any handstands or one-arm balancing acts either. All of the poses are simple and gentle.

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