School Programs:

TheYogaKids is a fun and exciting program based on the philosophy of founder Jyoti Bajaj’s mentor, Shakta Kaur Khalsa’s Radiant Child® Yoga Program and designed to encourage, excite, enrich and empower all those who participate. Its classes are designed around the interests, energies and developmental needs of the children participating.

In TheYogaKids, a thoughtful combination of hatha poses, kundalini yoga, Brain gym and breathing techniques are brought to life through play, songs, storytelling, arts and crafts. In each class, we talk about what good deeds we have done in the week leading up to our gathering, and we take individual and collective joy in the act of consciously doing good unto others. TheYogaKids classes foster strength, creativity, focus, cooperation, and confidence for a happy, healthy and balanced life.

The reality is this: kids today have busy and demanding lives. Homework, pressure to compete with other children, endless after-school activities, over-scheduling — it all adds up, and can translate into behavioural problems and harmful stress responses. TheYogaKids provides balanced experiences that create healthy bodies, minds and spirits, helping children grow up to cultivate a healthier planet overall.

We offer a range of classes, each tailored to suit the needs and abilities of its age group.

Our design programs based on the needs fruns 8 weeks in length with weekly classes, either 45 minutes or one hour apiece, depending on age group.

Our Instructors:
All classes are led by yoga instructors specializing in children’s yoga.

To learn more about our school program, please send us an email at or call 647-449-1150.