gate pose- theyogakidsParighasana (Gate Pose)

Kneel down and slide your right leg out to the side, toes pointing to the ceiling.

Make sure your left leg stays bent. Your right leg should stay aligned with your right knee.

Breathe in and raise your arms above your head.

Bring your right arm straight down, palm touching your ankle.

Lift your left arm above your head in the same direction as your right leg.

Lean your upper body toward your right leg.

Keep your back straight like a board. Face forward.

Turn your head to the left, tilt your chin up slightly and look over your left arm.

Start with 10 – 15 seconds and slowly increase the time to 1 minute. Go back to a kneeling position and repeat on the opposite side.

• Stretches your upper body and spine
• Opens the space between your shoulders