Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training

The Yoga Kids offers Radiant Child® Yoga (RCY), Yoga Alliance approved 30-hour training program that completely prepares participants for teaching children yoga. In 1988, mentor and author Shakta Khalsa of Radiant Child Yoga developed one of the first child yoga training systems. By teaching yoga to children, we are essentially providing a space for them to minimize stresses gained through school and competitive situations. We teach them to breath and to ultimately lead positive, healthy lives.

Who should attend?

We welcome everyone who’s looking for change to our training sessions—there are many benefits that come with teaching, both for the children and the teachers. Because our children’s yoga classes take place on school campuses, our teachers are often school administrators and parents. Anyone who loves children and wants to help make a positive impact should join our training.
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Learning Outcomes Level 1-2:

At the completion of RCY levels 1-2, participants will have learned to: [list style=”list3″ color=”yellow”]

  • Teach children age-appropriate yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation, stillness, and more
  • Provide fun learning lessons through stories, games, songs and brain-body movement.
  • Provide effective yoga techniques for children with SPD, ADHD, Autism, and similar special needs.
  • Learn how to properly use communication, deep listening and class management skills.
  • Learn how to recognize both physical and energetic developments of children as they grow.
  • Experience personal transformation as you train and teach.
  • Tune into subtle awareness and deeper messaging in regards to yourself and your students.
  • Be able to employ the materials provided through the training course.


Materials Included in Level 1-2: All courses include the following materials, valued at more than $200.

[list style=”list2″ color=”yellow”]

  • RCY Manual
  • Yoga In Motion Workbook
  • Yoga In Motion DVD
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Fly Like a Butterfly
  • RCY Tote


[one_half_last][list style=”list2″ color=”yellow”]

  • Happy CD – Download
  • Cozy CD – Download
  • Deeply Relax and Meditate CD – Download
  • Children’s Yoga Songs and Meditation CD – Download


Learning Outcomes Level 3-Heart and Soul Work with Children:

[list style=”list3″ color=”yellow”]

  • Practice conscious communication skills, such as Deep Listening and Engaging Cooperation
  • Yoga for yourself and your children
  • Yogic teachings about children, including the four phases of a child’s life
  • The development of the child’s energy field and chakra systems
  • Meditation practice to become fully present to yourself and your children
  • Processes to align with your vision for your life work

Note: Level 3 is open to all; no prerequisite. A valuable course for anyone looking to improve communication skills and deep listening.

Materials Included in Level 3- Heart and Soul Work with Children.

[list style=”list2″ color=”yellow”]

  • RCYP Teacher’s Manual
  • “Present Moment Awareness Practice” CD


Program is
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Sept. 12 -14, 2014 – Markham, Ontario”]


8:30 am to 6:00 pm


13 Orchid Road, Thornhill, ON L3T 7T7


Level 1-3

Level 1-2

Early Registration before Aug 01, 2014: $650.


  • CAD: $240.00 - $840.00
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Level 3 only: $240.

All materials are included in price. Taxes extra. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sept. 18 -21, 2014 – Villahermosa, MX”]

To register or for more info, please contact:




We accept payment online through PayPal. For all other forms of payment, please contact us at (647) 449-1150, or e-mail


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