Thank you for visiting TheYogaKids website. My name is Jyoti Bajaj, and I am the program’s founder. I’m glad to have you here.

We at TheYogaKids believe we are vibrational beings with a strong power to spread good. We are all perfect in our unique way and the sooner we learn that, the better. We are extremely grateful for the wonderful people we’ve met while conducting TheYogaKids program. We hope we will continue to collaborate with these amazing teachers, parents, therapists and administrators.
We work with Greater Toronto-area schools and the community at large to provide fun, enriching experiences through school resource programs, private classes and even birthday parties.
We are honored and thrilled to share this wonderful program with kids in our community.
Love, Light and Peace,
Jyoti Bajaj

Teacher training

Yoga Alliance approved Radiant Child® Yoga (RCY) is a comprehensive and enlightening 30 hour training program designed for anyone who is interested in teaching children yoga.

Teacher training

Yoga classes

By helping children to breathe more efficiently, consciously and purposely we are giving them tools to self-calm and to help themselves through anxious moments, like EQAO’s, bullying or tests.

Yoga classes

Yoga Programs for Schools

TheYogaKids provides balanced experiences that create healthy bodies, minds and spirits, helping children grow up to cultivate a healthier planet overall.

Yoga Programs for Schools

What they say about us?

I like yoga because our teacher teaches us new poses that are fun. I learnt lots of poses like cobra, camel, sun salutation and more poses. I love yoga! My favorite pose is Tree pose.
I like yoga because it is fun and I like my yoga teacher. And I like to be at yoga and I like to do all the poses at yoga and I like to do one foot pose.
I like yoga because its fun and relaxsing. My favourite pose is Tree pose. It’s so FUN!

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